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20.04.2021 - 1st Report of the Public Private Working Group

The public private working group (PPWG) has as objective to organize water professionals from EU and India to establish a common vision and a shared understanding of the challenges in India’s water and wastewater sector. The topics designated to be under discussion were selected according to the research cluster developed in the PAVITR project, the experience and knowledge of the PAVITR’s partners and the potential interest for stakeholders.

In this first report, it is described the organization proposed of the PPWG -including the considerations and adaptations to the current pandemic situation-, the working strategy of the working groups, the initial composition of the different working groups and the methodology to follow for achieving the results expected. Apart from the general aspects, it is explained the organization of the 1st meetings of the different Community of Practice.

The 1st Report of the Public Private Working group is available.

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