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AUTARCON is a Germany based SME founded in 2010 as a spin-off of Kassel University. The vision of the company is the supply of remote rural regions with sustainable and long-term reliable drinking water through decentralized treatment. The company currently operates treatment stations active in 10 countries – among them India and supplies 50.000 people with safe drinking water. With SuMeWa|SYSTEM AUTARCON offers an innovative technology running on solar PV energy to pump and sustainably treat and disinfect water, without the need for electricity. AUTARCON is specialized on electrolytic oxidant production, water disinfection, water quality monitoring and online transmission of operational parameters. Within PAVITR AUTARCON will be working on further developing the technology to oxidize emerging contaminants from treated wastewater.

Under FP7, AUTARCON developed a technology for the disinfection of treated wastewater in the SWINGS project